about myself

Twenty years ago I started out with nothing but a dream. A determination to help people. My goal was to provide a service that people needed. I also wanted to provide work for others. Honest work for hardworking men and women.

When thinking of all the companies I could start, a moving company seemed to be the best fit. It’s a service that will always be needed. People move to new homes or offices all the time. It’s made easier if they have help. A moving company is a great way to provide an honest paycheck as well as providing a service that people need.

I have heard many things over the years, but the one that stands out is that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. This is true for me and my company. We love what we do. We have a passion for helping people. A passion for helping families and businesses settled into their new homes and offices.

what came next surprised even me...

When I started out, we had one small company. As the years progressed and the company grew, we branched our into other areas. I now have moving services all over Florida. We move thousands of homes and offices every year. We provide an honest paycheck for hardworking people. My passion for helping people shows in my work.

This venture has taught me many life lessons. I have worked hard for the things that I have accomplished. I plan to accomplish much more in the future. This venture taught me that if you work hard enough, your dreams can become a reality. That no dream is too big. It doesn’t matter what others say, you can do anything. You can be anyone. Everything is possible with hard work and determination. If you stick to your goals, you can achieve anything. The sky’s the limit. Work hard. Dream big. I did.

My Service Areas

No matter where you are moving to, I can give you better service at a great rate.

Daytona Beach

Professional movers you can count on to make your move stress free.

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Ormond Beach

Down the street or across the country, we have you covered.

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Palm Coast

Hassle free and affordable moving services in the Palm Coast area.

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Ask about our packing and creating services for your fragile items.

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St. Augustine

We offer office relocations for any size business, call for a quote.

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Flagler Beach

We provide storage for your items for as little or as long as you need.

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Tampa Bay

We can do the packing, and unpacking, professionally for you if you need!

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We can do the packing, and unpacking, professionally for you if you need!

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